Smart ERP Systems to Manage your School / College / University Activities and Data!

Managing the data of thousands of students and their parents, hundreds of teachers and other staff may seem daunting but with our anything that you need can be accomplished in just a few key strokes. Designed for educational institutions, it automates all school-related operations from data management, fees collection, attendance, exams, results, library, transport, leaves, events etc. and is compatible with all your devices as well. So the admin, the students, the parents, the teachers and the staff can access this power-packed system on their tablets, desktop / laptop or mobile phones.

Why Choose School ERP Software

Mobile Friendly

This mobile-friendly ERP-Edu system helps you work on the go

Connect with all

Easy information dissemination and common platform to connect the students, parents, teachers and staff

Data Security

All the data like student information, fee, academic papers, assessment results etc. are fully encrypted and secure

Easy to Use

Using our is very easy and all information can be accessed in just a few clicks

Go Paperless

This environment-friendly ERP Edu system allows you to publish information online be it exam schedule or results without printing

Simplified Management

Automated management of academic, administrative, financial and any other data reduces manpower and time